Sigma Kappa

Chapter Philanthropy

Chapter Philanthropy

Alzheimer's Association

  • Sigma Kappa is one of the nation's leading contributors to the Alzheimer's Association - we are inspired by the ideal of a world where Alzheimer's is a distant memory. The past two years in the Fall of 2017 and the Fall of 2018, we have participated in the Walk to end Alzheimers in Cheshire, MA. We walked along the beautiful Ashuwillticook Rail Trail along with various participating members and teams. We had the privilege of hearing from families of those impacted by Alzheimers, and individuals with it now. Hearing these stories reminds us why we support this amazing cause. We were able to raise almost $5,000, achieving our original goal of $3,000! This all contributed to the total $95,436.51 raised by every person in attendance of the Cheshire walk.

Sigma Stacks

  • Beta Eta also created an event called Sigma Stacks in contribution of the Ultra violet Campaign, which supports programs under the Sigma Kappa Foundation. This is an all you can eat pancake event, where we invite anyone to come and pile on as many toppings on their pancakes as possible! We held our first pancake extravaganza ten years ago, and look forward with pride to our eleventh annual Sigma Stacks this Spring. This is one of our largest (and most fun) events and this past spring, on the 10th anniversary we ended up raising around $1,000!!

Mass Impact Day of Service

  • The 7th annual Mass Impact Day of Service took place on Saturday, October 13th, 2018. Mass Impact Day is a one-day event where UMass students contribute their time and energy to a host of organizations and projects—from cleaning-up public parks to digging garden beds; from serving food in community kitchens to moving debris for social justice organizations, and from organizing public libraries to painting the office walls of environmental justice non-profits. 
  • The day is an opportunity for participants to provide a valuable resource to community organizations, to learn more about the communities that UMass is situated in and connected to, and to learn about the importance of community service through practice. It is our hope that by doing so we can extend and further deepen university and community relationships. We had many of our sisters volunteer their day at Rockridge Retirement Community. This was such a rewarding experience that many of us will be returning. 

Week of Giving (November 5th-9th)

  • November 5th: Campus Day! For this day's activity, we decided to send the fraternity and sorority advisor a gift of appreciation. We gave Michael Wiseman a plant and wrote him a card to give him our respect.  
  • November 6th: Fraternity/Sorority Day! For this day's activity, we decided to bake cookies, bag them and label them "Sigma Kappa Sweets," for the other sororities and fraternities. We also included a box and letter asking for donations for the Maine Seacoast Mission. 
  • November 7th: Community Day! We participated in a trash cleanup around the neighborhood to create a cleaner environment around us.
  • November 8th: Gerontology Day! We got together to make cards for a nursing home, the Rockridge Retirement Community, wishing them a happy Thanksgiving and happy holidays, and we will later deliver them and spend time with them as well.
  • November 9th: Maine Seacoast Prep! We will be publicizing for the Maine Seacoast mission. We will make posters to put around campus about what people can donate